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Doug Roberts

AMI department Manager

Johnson City Power Board

23 years in the industry

Has held many titles and roles throughout his career both at JCPB and life as a contractor.

Nine years in the U.S. Navy as an electrician (Gulf War veteran).

Five years as a civilian residential and commercial journeyman electrician.

Master Electrician in the state of Kentucky.

Sixteen years at my utility in the meter shop.

1st Vice President

1st Vice President

Dan Harris

Poly Phase Meter Tech

City Of Alcoa Electric Dept.

Served as a Firefighter for many years at City of Alcoa Fire Dept.

9 years of metering experience

2nd Vice President



Bobby Walker

Sevier County Electric System

7 years of experience in metering

7 years of experience in Substations

14 years in the electrical and fiber optic industry

Sergeant at Arms

Daniel Gilbert

Milan Public Utilites 

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